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You are given a Customized PLA based device (Programming AND & Programmable XOR arrays) having 10 inputs and 3 outputs. You are required to perform the stated operations:

  1. Generate the basic Boolean Expression of the stated circuit.


The PLA allows both its AND GATE array and the XOR GATE array to be programmed independently. The 10*3 PLA programmed with 3 separate functions is shown in given figure.


The product terms generated are:


P1= i0.i2.i4’.i7.i9’

P2= i1’.i3’.i7’.i8

P3= i3.i5’.i6.i7.i8’

P4= i1.i2’.i5.i6’.i9

The OUTPUT is:





Putting values of product terms in OUTPUT, we get:


O1=i0.i2.i4’.i7.i9’⊕ i3.i5’.i6.i7.i8’⊕ i1.i2’.i5.i6’.i9

O2= i0.i2.i4’.i7.i9’⊕ i1’.i3’.i7’.i8⊕ i1.i2’.i5.i6’.i9

O3= i1’.i3’.i7’.i8⊕ i3.i5’.i6.i7.i8’


  1. Convert the generated Boolean Expression into ABEL Expression.


O1=i1&i2 &!i4 &i7 &!i9 $ i3 &!i5 &i6 &i7 &!i8 $ i1 &!i2 &i5 &!i6 &i9

O2=i0 &i2 &!i4 &i7 &!i9 $ !i1 &!i3 &!i7 &i8 $ i1 &!i2 &i5 &!i6 &i9

O3= !i1 &!i3 &!i7 &i8 $ i3 &!i5 &i6 &i7 &!i8

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