here is 1st yr English wager paper for 2022. This wager paper is legitimate for all Punjab board 2022 exams. class 11 English wager paper is for FA component 1, FSc part 1, ICS part 1 etc. The guess paper consists of e book I crucial questions, e-book II critical questions and many others.

The listing crucial questions from the ebook-I is given right here. The questions from e-book III ‘One Act plays’ are enlisted in a separate post in ‘Questions notes for One Act performs English First 12 months’. you could additionally examine entire English Notes for 1st 12 months.
1st year English wager paper 2022
right here is ultra-modern model of English bet paper for sophistication 11. the scholars of FA part 1, FSc component 1 and ICS component 1 can use this wager paper to get exact marks in English paper 2022. The bet paper has diverse section in keeping with the English paper scheme 2022.
there are many crucial questions from ebook I and e-book III. the students will locate this bet pape excellent in line with the board paper pattern.



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11th class english

English wager paper magnificence eleven Punjab board
The state-of-the-art English guess paper magnificence eleven 2022 is given as beneath.
important questions from e book I
Why did Norma recollect the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward offensive? (imp)
Why did Arthur disagree with his spouse? (imp)
Why did Norma strive to influence her husband to trust her? (imp)
What were the motives Norma gave to her husband to just accept the offer? (imp)
Why did Mr. Steward hold persuading Norma? (imp)
what’s the importance of Arthur’s existence-coverage policy? (imp)
Why didn’t antique man accompanied the advice of the medical doctors? (imp)
Why did Harry need to move again to the Earth? (imp)
What climate did they face on the Mars? (imp)
What changed into the condition of the Bittering own family on listening to of the warfare on this planet? (imp)
What changed into the advice Harry gave to the humans? (imp)
How risky can a Martian virus be? (imp)
What took place to the boy while he attempted to snatch the purse? (imp)
How did the boy appearance physically? (imp)
What became the circumstance of the boy when the woman gave him some jerks? (imp)
Why did the girl ask the boy to scrub his face? (imp)
Why didn’t the boy run from the house of the woman?(imp)
What turned into the nature of the girl’s activity? (imp)
Why did George give the pocketbook to his employer? (imp)
What made Hubert shameful? (imp)
Why did the human beings make fun of his innocence? (imp)
Why did he preserve claiming his innocence earlier than his demise? (imp)
What was the effect of Mr. Hubert’s protesting? (imp)
What became the problem mentioned at the club? (imp)
How did Gorgios convince his people to make his usa robust? (imp)
What became the standpoint of the mother and father of Gorgios? (imp)
What were the emotions of Gorgios at the event of inauguration? (imp)
What changed into the conduct of the female with the doctor? (imp)
Why did the medical doctor call the ill woman through her first name? (imp)
How did the unwell lady look through appearance? (imp)
What became the advice given through Nushirvan to his human beings? (imp)
What was the remedy suggested by means of the physicians for the ailment of the king? (imp)
Why did the boy look to the sky and smile? (imp)
What ought to be the position of a Qazi? (imp)
How did the diseased king recover? (imp)
What did the quack do in the next village? (imp)
Why did the farmers throw wet leaves at the fireplace? (imp)
What changed into the preference of each farmer? (imp)
Why are the locusts in comparison with horrific weather? (imp)
Why did the guys consume their supper with right appetites? (imp)
What turned into the purpose of Negroes discontentment? (imp)
What are the qualities of veterans of creative struggling? (imp)
what is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.? (imp)
What need to be the criterion of judgment for a person? (imp)
Why did Della promote her hair? (imp)
Why did Jim sell the gold watch? (imp)
Why did Della experience unhappy on losing her hair? (imp)
What become the know-how in promoting the most treasured things? (imp)
Describe Maulvi’s appearance. (imp)
How tons did the Maulvi acquire on each Eid? (imp)
Why did the humans come out on the Mall? (imp)
Why did the driver of the truck pace away after the coincidence? (imp)
Who took the young man to the health facility? (imp)
What does the author like about Christmas? (imp)
Why are the noble deeds always a high-quality pleasure for the writer? (imp)
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important Questions from book III
1. Why could not the lady describe the killer?
2. Why did the girl not accompany the second guy?
three. How did the second man accuse the first man of lying?
4. what is the theme of the have a look at of Kreton?
five. How did Kreton show his superb powers?
6. Why is Mrs. Spelding worried?
7. what’s Harry’s philosophy of life??
eight. Why does clay need money?
9. What did clay find close to black rock??
10. What does harry advise Ms. McCutcheon to do?
eleven. What has came about to Clay’s father?
12.What does write do with the oyster?
13. How an awful lot does Harry rate for a haircut?
14. what is Applegarth’s complaint approximately the sea?
15. Why does the poet name modern guys the hollow men?
16. What kind of pride will we omit in our each day life due to loss of time?
17. Who become Abraham?
18. what is worse than slavery?
19. Why has made the efforts of Muslims fruitless?
20. when does a person take into account God?
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crucial programs
1. Refund of library/hostel protection
2. full rate concession
three. man or woman certificates
4. Remission of first-class
5. For re-admission
vital Letters
1. to father to boom month-to-month allowance
2. to a chum to invite him to your sister’s wedding
three. to a friend to congratulate him on success in exams
4. to father explaining the cause of the terrible file
five. to a friend provide an explanation for your first influence of university life
6. to mom describing your hostel life
7. to a friend inviting him to spend vacations with you
vital Punctuation paragraphs
All workout punctuation paragraphs
vital poems for clarification
The rain
night time mail
In the street of fruit stalls
A Sindhi lady
times, the feed
A tale of cities
1st yr English critical Translation paragraphs
crucial stories
delight hath a fall, Union is electricity, Greed is a curse, Do exact have true, As you sow so shall you obtain, honesty is the quality coverage, No pain no benefit
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