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you can down load VU past papers for every concern of BS (pc technological know-how), BS (data era), BS (enterprise administration), BS (Public management), BS (Accounting and Finance), BS (trade), BS (Mass conversation), BS (Psychology), MCS (master of laptop science), MIT (master of records technology), MBA (grasp of commercial enterprise administration).


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ENG512 Quiz1 Topic(1-33)

ENG-512 Short notes for finals

ENG512 Short Notes

ENG512 Treasure

Spring 2021_ENG512_Solution

ENG512 (MIDS) solved

ENG512 book

ENG512 Finals (Solved)

Eng512 finals by Ad-converted

Eng512 grand quiz spring 2020 by paragon’s

ENG512 Quiz 2 Lesson(12-16)



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