virtual university Solved PapersThe digital college of Pakistan’s first university based completely on cutting-edge records and communication technologies changed into set up by using the authorities as a public area, no longer-for-income group with a clean venture to provide extraordinarily cheap international-elegance education to college students everywhere in the united states of america. using loose-to-air satellite tv for pc television proclaims and the internet, the virtual college lets in college students to follow its rigorous packages irrespective of their bodily locations. It for this reason aims at alleviating the lack of potential within the current universities at the same time as concurrently tackling the intense shortage of certified professors in the united states of america. by using

figuring out the top Professors of the u . s . a ., regardless of their institutional affiliations, and requesting them to develop and supply 6e8e41b7b5d4d34eca2a6bc30dc8f87e publications, the virtual university objectives at imparting the very first-rate publications to now not simplest its personal students but additionally to college students of all different universities in the country. At this web site, you may download digital college Solved Papers with

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A net torque applied to a rigid object always tends to produce:

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An object attached to one end of a spring makes 20 vibrations in 10 s. Its

angular frequency is:

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In simple harmonic motion, the restoring force must be proportional to the:

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The units of the electric field are:

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Mercury is a convenient liquid to use in a barometer because:

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A farad is the same as a

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We desire to make an LC circuit that oscillates at 100 Hz using an

inductance of 2.5H. We also need a capacitance of:

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The wavelength of red light is 700 nm. Its frequency is

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Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about electromagnetic


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Radio waves and light waves are

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Wien's Law states that, lmax = ________ K.

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Interference of light is evidence that:

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Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales agree numerically at a reading of:

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According to the theory of relativity

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How fast should you move away from a 6.0 × 1014 Hz light source to

observe waves with a frequency of 4.0 × 1014 Hz?

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