virtual university Solved PapersThe digital college of Pakistan’s first university based completely on cutting-edge records and communication technologies changed into set up by using the authorities as a public area, no longer-for-income group with a clean venture to provide extraordinarily cheap international-elegance education to college students everywhere in the united states of america. using loose-to-air satellite tv for pc television proclaims and the internet, the virtual college lets in college students to follow its rigorous packages irrespective of their bodily locations. It for this reason aims at alleviating the lack of potential within the current universities at the same time as concurrently tackling the intense shortage of certified professors in the united states of america. by using


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PAK301 midterm mcqs preparation 2022

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Which country accepted Pakistan's existence as an independent and sovereign state


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When did the rule of East India Company come into end in the British India?

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Why was the Mission send in 1945 called as Cabinet Mission Plan?

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What was the population of Pakistan according to the first census in 1951?

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What is the total length of Pakistan’s coastal area?

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What is the total length of the boundary with India on the Eastern side of Pakistan?

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What is the total length of the boundary with India on the Eastern side of Pakistan?

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When did Zial-ul-Haq impose third martial law in Pakistan?

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When the Principle of Usher or agricultural tax was introduced on agricultural


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"North Western areas are Muslim majority ares. We will not only keep these majorities

but will turn them into a Muslim state. Muslims should get rid of Indianism, it is better

for Muslims and Islam".

Who said this statement?

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What was the reaction of Non-Muslims on The Objectives Resolution?

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In which year Chaudhry Rehmat Ali died?

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Which was the first educational step that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan took in academic


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