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CS401 midterm mcqs preparation 2022

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When two 16bit numbers are added the answer can be 17 bits long, this extra bit that won’t fit in the target

register is placed in the where it can be used and tested

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If D is “35” is shift to left 2 bits the new value

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if ax contains decimal -2 and BX contains decimal 2 then after the execution of

instructions: CMP AX, BX ,JA label

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Each screen location corresponds to a word, the lower byte of this word contains ____

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When an item is pushed on the decrementing stack, the top of the stack is

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One screen location corresponds to a

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The execution of the instruction “mov word [ES: 0], 0x0741” will print “A” on the screen, color of the

character will be

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The iAPX888 architecture consists of _______ register.

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The execution of the instruction “mov word [ES : 0], 0x0741” will print character “A” on screen , background

color of the screen will be

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The first instruction of “COM” file must be at offset:

Your score is

The average score is 52%