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Assignment No. 1 (Pak301)

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1905 United Bengal’s area covered 189,000 sq. Miles with eighty million populations. Dr. Abdul Hameed writes in his book, Muslim Separatism in India, that the partition was imperative despite the fact that Curzon had now not initiated it. A Lt. Governor had issues in searching after the eastern regions. Mainly Muslim suffered because of the rotten management by way of the British. Before 1905, many proposals of partition of Bengal were under attention but Lord Curzon determined to practicalise this administrative scheme. East Bengal became by the way a Muslim majority province having 13000000 out of 31000000. West Bengal was a Hindu majority province. Muslims have been very satisfied on the partition as this had enabled them to sell their existence conditions. It became rightly an possibility for repayment. The Muslim network supported it strongly but Hindus retaliated furiously saying it the department of motherland. The Congress joined the anti-partition movement. They started substantial agitation, violence and boycott of overseas items. The essential motive of Hindu protest changed into that they’d loosened grip over the eastern components




All India Khilafat Committee became formed at Bombay in July 1919. The first Khilafat Conference at Delhi in November 1919 became arranged in which the Congress leaders like Gandhi and Nehru participated. In this way, the major political events joined palms to assault the injustice with the Muslim community. These steps had been announced: == No participation in victory celebrations. == Boycott of British goods == Non Cooperation with the Government the second one Khilafat Conference (Amritsar) was held in Dec. 1919. Maulana Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali joined the consultation after being launched from prison. In Jan. 1920, M. A. Ansari led a delegation to Viceroy at the same time as Maulana M. A. Jauhar to Europe. The Khilafat Committee decided to start non-cooperation in collaboration with the Congress in May 1920.

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